Reiki and Transformation

Reiki is about the true transformation of ‘Self’ – taking us back to the very essence of who we are. My work as a Reiki healer is only complete once transformation has taken place on all levels of a person – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What is Reiki?

Reiki translates to mean “Universal Life Energy” – the very force that is used to animate and give life to all living things.

Reiki is a system of energy healing which can help improve well-being and a sense of balance within the physical and energetic body.

It is a useful tool for self-awareness and transformation and was primarily developed as a spiritual practise to help navigate through one’s life path.

There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can experience a treatment or can learn the practice.

Steps to Transformation

With Reiki change isn’t something done to you, but with you. There are simple and practical measures you can take to enable changes in your life. Conscious, desired changes that are supported and amplified by Reiki.

The button below will take you to a series of posts outlining techniques and approaches you can easily use in your everyday life that help conscious change.

Although simple, or perhaps because they are simple, they can be highly effective in transforming our lives into something better than we already have.  Simple doesn’t always equate to easy, but perseverance brings great rewards.

Steps to take re crisis and transformation

Seena's Story

My story is old as humanity itself.

Yet the turning point – something that offers us so much hope, strength and wisdom –  is all too often overlooked.

It is how I found, with the right training and attitude, how deep personal crisis and suffering can transform us into the people we need to be if lasting happiness is to be experienced.

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Have you a story of your own you want to share?

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Maybe you want to share the contents of your own journal or efforts to overcome obstacles and finding peace.

Whichever way, it’s your blog too.

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Breaking Prison Walls

"Personal life events happen to knock down the prison walls of your mind. Are you going to re-build the same prison? Or run the hell out and take the second chance?"

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