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Great ideas need practical steps

A beautiful teapot still has to pour a cup of tea. Practicality is everything. This introduction to using this resource regarding crisis and transformation will help you get the best from it.
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The most beautiful teapot in the world still has to pour a cup of tea...

...for it to be called a teapot

Practicality is everything if we wish to have more than just another good idea to put on the shelf with the rest.

The links below will take you to two categories. 

The first will take you to a series of posts outlining techniques and approaches you can easily use in your everyday life. Although simple, or perhaps because they are simple, they can be highly effective in transforming our lives into something better than we already have.  Simple doesn’t always equate to easy, but perseverance brings great rewards.

The second will take you to interviews with people who have come through difficulties (storms, even) to find peace and a way of living their lives radically different and better to what they had before crisis demanded of them a better response than fatalism or anger.

You can also contact me below. I welcome your input into how I can make this site better for you!

Practical Steps

There is no magic wand.

We have to achieve change under our own steam, but we do have a choice. Can we take the hard or the easy way to change?

Here is a collection of simple, practical steps you can try out to make your life better.

Extraordinary People

Extraordinary people are rarely born, they’re made. 

Through facing crisis and suffering in extraordinary ways, these people have come through pain and loss to live lives that are fuller and more enriched for the experience.

They have a lot to say, and fortunately for us, it’s worth listening to.

Have you had a life-changing experience or know someone who has? Or perhaps you were once suffering and found something that others can also use to escape theirs? 

Perhaps you have some suggestions  as to how I can make the site and blog easier to use?

Either way, I very much look forward to hearing from you!

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I take your privacy seriously. privacy policy can be found here.