No Expectation, No Failure

In the absence of expectation, failure ceases to exist.

Seena explains how the absence of expectation means you can never fail.
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If we didn't carry the expectations of others, would we ever experience failure?

The answer is no.

We wouldn’t even know what ‘failure’ is.

Quite simply, in the absence of expectation, you would only ever experience changes in your perception.

Changes to your life direction.

Stepping stones to a better way.

Have a think on that one today…

Look back at your past ‘failures’ and ask yourself this:

Would you still view it as a failure if you removed the expectation of the outcome?

Here is a short 2-minute video of me explaining this simple yet transformative concept.

Please bear with me in terms of video quality, I am still learning!  

So my message for you today is:

In the absence of expectation, combined with the highest intention, there are no limits as to what you can create."

See my Instagram post  to read a personal example of how we practised this concept and created something that went on to become successful.

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  1. lari

    A liberating moment for me came when I heard “there is only one failure in life, and that’s not to have done your best.”

    It released me from a huge amount of unrealistic expectation I piled onto myself.

    1. SeenasChand

      Oh what a good one Lari thank you for sharing it! Indeed, just to do our best is all we can do!

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I take your privacy seriously. privacy policy can be found here.