Chaos Walking

What if your thoughts were on display?

“The Noise is a (Hu-)man’s thoughts unfiltered, and without a filter a (Hu-)man is just Chaos Walking”.
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Have you seen the film? 

We watched Chaos Walking at the weekend and the above quote, as well as the general premise of what ‘The Noise’ is, really jumped out at me.

In the film, humans land on a planet where suddenly all the thoughts of man (women were unaffected 😏) were broadcast above their heads, plain for all to see and hear. 

Those who could not control their thoughts would have constant “noise” in and around their heads. 

It got me thinking - what if that was the case for us here on Earth?

Our every thought broadcast for all to see and hear! 

There would be some who would naturally be able to focus and clear The Noise.

Those who would have to practise everyday with a specific technique.

And those who would be consumed by it and become…”Chaos Walking”. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, we would all be very aware of the need to watch our thoughts and find a quiet place in our minds to focus.

Well…our thoughts may not be so clearly visible but they have exactly the same effect as portrayed in the film. 

Your every thought invokes a feeling in you and what you get back is a reflection of that feeling. 

It’s worth observing your inner “Noise” and imagining that others can see and hear it too!

The Noise and actor in Chaos Walking

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