Change is Inevitable

Learn to observe and flow with the cycles in your life.
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Life is a set of cycles.

It was during my stay at a country manor house in South Wales (Parc-Le-Breos), that I saw, with clarity, how cycles permeate every part of our lives.

The manor house had a long interesting history.

Once owned by a wealthy mining family, it had experienced a number of changes in its purpose over the years from being a grand residence to even housing the RAF during World War II.

It got me really thinking that if we just learnt to recognise the cycles that flow in every aspect of our lives, and learn to flow with them, we could ease our own suffering and experience more peace.

For Change is Inevitable.

Change has to happen for us to be able to learn, grow and evolve.

A picture of Parc-Le-Breos

Observing the cycles.

It is easy to notice cycles in the material things which are constant and right in front of us.

For example we know that the planets in our solar system all have their own cycles around the Sun.

We also know that nature is full of cycles and if you live somewhere with all four seasons, you will always be aware of which part of the cycle is playing out in front of you.

Animals don’t experience time and attachment like we do.  

They bend and change according to their immediate environment .  They truly live in the present and do not resist the inevitable cycles in their lives.

Humans have a hard time accepting and flowing with change.  

We become so attached to ‘the way things are’ that we fail to see the blessing in every spin of a cycle.

Human’s have created cycles that are subtle, not quantifiable, yet we are always attached to them.

For example, relationships, business, industry, politics, and education (to name but a few).  

In the video below I explain how we can shift to observing these cycles rather than living within the drama of them.

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With gratitude, love and Reiki,


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