What’s your SSS?

Spiritual Support System

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A Natural Way of Being.

Some people hear the word “Spirituality”, and they immediately balk or judge. 

The word alone can conjure up images of people dancing around fires, breathy hushed undertones, and general ‘woo woo-ness’. 

I want to debunk this myth.


Being spiritual is nothing extraordinary.

It is in fact your natural way of being. 

It is who you really were the moment you were born – before all the labels, ideas and beliefs were shovelled your way.

You don’t have to abandon material desires or your life to achieve it.

Spirituality is simply realising that you have all you need, within you, to live a harmonious and peaceful life.

It is pulling back from your mind and living fully in the present moment.

“The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul, as opposed to material or physical things.”

- Spirituality as defined by The Oxford Dictionary

Your SSS.

Your Spiritual Support System keeps you connected to the thread of life.

The ‘bigger picture’ if you will. 

It’s the one thing that ignites great joy in you and brings you closer to discovering your true self, whilst navigating the chaotic world we live in.

Some will find their SSS through a hobby or by being creative. 

Others find their SSS’s through their chosen vocation or career.

Many will find it through the act of giving, whether it be through voluntary work or philanthropy. 

I have found it through Reiki.  A spiritual practice (like Yoga) that keeps me grounded regardless of what’s happening around me.

For something to be your SSS it must feel right for you; in the sense that you feel real joy, you feel loved and part of something ‘bigger’.   

Something you would choose irrelevant of monetary gain, power or influence.

Do you have an SSS? Something that ignites that spark within you?

If you do, I urge you to turn to it constantly and use it as your anchor.  If you don’t, start making a list now of what could be your SSS and pay attention to how you feel when you do it.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the positive effect it has on you and those around you.

I will leave you with this quote from the late Wanja Twan, Reiki Master initiated by Hawayo Takata (taken from Touch Magazine, Autumn 2019 issue).

“Life has a red thread running through it, keeping you coming back to who you are and keeping you from going too far afield while you learn and try new things; it is tied to you from the time you are born.  We all have one.  It keeps us true to who we are.  Sometimes it gets tangled and messy.  Other times it runs smoothly and with ease.  This thread is our connection from life on Earth to the Divine, always there like a tether, holding us and easing us back on track when we need it”.

- Wanja Twan

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With Gratitude, Love and Reiki,

SC x @reikiwithseena

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