Be Strong

In a bid to stay strong for my close ones, I shut off my emotions from view. I stopped crying. I was known for being strong, the one who didn’t cry. But I wasn’t strong at all. It was to my detriment that I blocked my grief.

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Breaking Prison Walls

A life event, such as a pandemic, can exist to break down the prison walls of our minds so that we can grow and transform our lives.

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Breathing and the Breath…

Breathing is the one function of the autonomous nervous system we can control. We can use our breathing in a conscious way to help bring about positive changes in mind and body.

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The Basis of Transformation

I firmly believe that each personal crisis or suffering that we experience sets us onto a path to discover our purpose, our ‘true-selves’ if you will.Whether or not we can transcend our pain and suffering depends on us accepting a number of simple truths.

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