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Reiki is more than just a treatment. It's an energy that helps & supports us to make meaningful changes in our lives.

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Tools for crisis and transformation blog

Introduction to using the site

A beautiful teapot still has to pour a cup of tea. Practicality is everything. This introduction to using this resource regarding crisis and transformation will help you get the best from it.

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Crisis and Transformation Blog Introduction

Why This Blog?

Moving from crisis to transformation requires re-learning the world around us, and from there, living a vastly improved version of our lives.

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What’s your SSS?

A Natural Way of Being. Some people hear the word “Spirituality”, and they immediately balk or judge.  The word alone can conjure up images of

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Living Simply

Living Simply

Could Joy Lo Rico’s account of living minimally in this technological age, be the answer to freedom we are all looking for?

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Author's daughter lying in a hospital bed.


Seena Chand writes about a personal experience with instinct and sleep apnoea.

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money in a jar and stacked on a table with green shoots coming out of it to show true riches

True Riches

What in life makes you Truly Rich? The kind of rich where you want for nothing. Let’s look at the standard definition of ‘rich’: “Having

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Showing a relationship between two people


Seena shares two simple truths about relationships that can help us in our daily lives.

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To show people playing netball


How I use Pivoting to switch up my thoughts when things don’t go to plan.

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To show thoughts outside of a human's head

Chaos Walking

“The Noise is a (Hu-)man’s thoughts unfiltered, and without a filter a
(Hu-)man is just Chaos Walking”.

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A bridge going into the unknown

Be Strong

In a bid to stay strong for my close ones, I shut off my emotions from view. I stopped crying. I was known for being strong, the one who didn’t cry. But I wasn’t strong at all. It was to my detriment that I blocked my grief.

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Breaking Prison Walls

A life event, such as a pandemic, can exist to break down the prison walls of our minds so that we can grow and transform our lives.

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The author lying still with her eyes closes, breathing and meditating.

Breathing and the Breath…

Breathing is the one function of the autonomous nervous system we can control. We can use our breathing in a conscious way to help bring about positive changes in mind and body.

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Basis of Transformation

The Basis of Transformation

I firmly believe that each personal crisis or suffering that we experience sets us onto a path to discover our purpose, our ‘true-selves’ if you will.

Whether or not we can transcend our pain and suffering depends on us accepting a number of simple truths.

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Transform Perception

We live in a perceived world, and view obstacles as hindrances. But if we could create a transformation of this view, how much would our lives change?

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Living Inside Out - Crisis and Transformation Blog

Step 1 – Living Inside Out

I used to manipulate the world around me..but I was just plastering over my cracks and hoping for the best. Living from the inside out changed everything!

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forgiving the past

Step 2 – Forgiving Your Past

I wasn’t in control of anything, therefore why on earth should I forgive anything?

So I trundled along with life, hands on hips, bottom lip stuck out, absolutely defiant in my belief that life happened TO ME and I just had to deal with whatever shit came flying out of the proverbial fan.

Forgiving my past hadn’t crossed my wildest dreams.

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Caring for plant

Step 5 – Self-care

Without self care we are left with little energy to transform ourselves for the benefit of our loved ones and the world. Here’s some techniques we can employ to both improve our lives and other’s experience of us.

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Meet Nutan

Deep personal crisis often gives rise to the most extraordinary people, whose wisdom we can all benefit from in our journey of transformation. Meet Nutan

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Larry McCauley

Meet Larry

Deep personal crisis often gives rise to the most extraordinary people whose wisdom we can all benefit from in our own journey of transformation. Meet Larry

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