Why This Blog?

My fascination in how crisis can lead to transformation

Moving from crisis to transformation requires re-learning the world around us, and from there, living a vastly improved version of our lives.
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On the night of 11.11.17, the idea for a blog based on the idea of transformation came to me.

I was mulling the ideas in my head when I turned to see the clock say 2:22am.  Instantly I knew it was a sign.I had been wondering for a while how to keep track of everything I had learnt over the years.  A way I could keep everything in one place but allowed me to share it with people who wanted to know.

I have spent years reading, learning and trying to understand the world we live in, the energy that flows through all of us and the resulting experiences that we live through.

Its only in the last few years that things have really begun to make sense to me and I feel ready to write about it in the public domain.Why the name “isthisforreal”?  Well, that tends to be the biggest question in people’s heads whenever I talk about what I have experienced and learnt.  I don’t blame them, some of it is pretty out there and requires cranking open the grey box we encase our minds in.But if you can forget what you know and be open to new possibilities, a whole new world  opens up where you can truly be yourself and enjoy the journey that is this life.My childhood was about absorbing everything around me (good and bad) and thereby forming by beliefs (good and bad), that would later dictate the way I lived my life.  A mediocre version of my life.My 20’s were about making sense of everything I had learnt in childhood, deciding it wasn’t for me, and trying to unlearn all the crap I had picked up along the way.My 30’s is about re-learning about the world around us, discovering that it is actually pretty marvellous, and living a vastly improved version of my life every day.This is my wish for you, and if only one person reads this blog,  and sees a positive change in their life, then my work is done.

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  1. Anushka

    I can’t wait to read more!!!! #gogirl

  2. Sheetal Sharma

    Amazing ! Very well said and your right positive mind is positive attitude! X

  3. Exciting! Congrats on getting the blog live… I can’t wait to read more. What a lovely way to get to know you on a deeper level than hectic play dates and group get-togethers often allow! Go Seena xxx

    1. seenaschand

      Thank you Amy, I can’t believe I finally did it. You have inspired me with your amazing skills to just get my voice out there. xxx

  4. ravideep6

    I love all of this girl…the part of re-learning in my 30s is everything I’m about right now. Positivity breeds positivity. Wishing you all the best in this new venture x

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I take your privacy seriously. seenachand.com privacy policy can be found here.